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  • Lucy S. UK 2014

    Selective Italy were Amazing

  • Fam Groothuizen Nederland 2014

    With this letter we thank Selective Italy for the good care and perfect business transaction related to the purchase of our property in Malcesine.

    We are very satisfied with the after sales service and intend to continue using this in the future.

    Fam Groothuizen.



  • Karin and Frank Verschoor Netherlands 2014
    We would like to greatly thank Dennis for his support when we were investigating buying a property in Calabria. He provided invaluable help from the start to the finish of the process. He is a pleasant person to deal with, provides you with clear and knowledgeable answers and comes up with valuable hints and tips.  
    Karin and Frank Verschoor
  • Dominic V. USA 2014

  • Bruna S. UK 2014

    ... Italian people are so accommodating ...

  • Adriana V. USA 2014

    ... I love everything about it, everything.

  • Fam. Pennington UK 2013

    Luigi Giffone is a true visionary. The renovation work on our property has been outstanding – finished to an exceptional quality, within agreeable time limits and with unique finesse. We fell in love instantly with our property, despite it being ruins at the time! Now that the work is complete, it has become a home away from home. We owe that to Luigi and his team and their commitment and dedication to transforming a centuries-old property to a stunning second home in a beautiful part of the world.

    The Pennington Family 2013. 

  • Fam. Luyckx Belgium 2012

    Thanks to Selective Italy and the outstanding service we were able to realise our dream in Calabria: a beautiful vacation villa in the hills of Zambrone with a breathtaking view over the sea and Stromboli. 

    A quality residence under construction for an affordable price - without Dennis and his team we would never have discovered this.


    Dankzij Selective Italy en de geweldige service konden wij onze droom waarmaken in Calabria: een mooie vakantievilla in de heuvels van Zambrone met een adembenemend uitzicht op zee en de Stromboli.
    Kwalitatief hoogstaande residentie in wording aan betaalbare prijs … Zonder de hulp van Dennis en zijn team hadden we dit nooit ontdekt
  • David Cornell UK 2012

    I would like to heartily thank Dennis and his team, at Selective Italy in Tropea, for the invaluable help and support they have all provided, during my recent purchase of an apartment.  From the start to the finish of the buying process, Dennis and his team have both offered and provided, support to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. 

    As a first time buyer, of a property in another country, all seemed to be pretty daunting - but with the Selective Italy team, just a phone call or email away, reassurance and advice was always at hand ; from advice regarding solicitors, banks and the Notary Act, to helpful information relating to local contractors and suppliers – all was made available.
    I would certainly recommend Selective Italy, to anyone considering purchasing a property from this Agency.
    David Cornell
    Middlesex, England.   
    May 2012
  • Mr. Johnstone UK 2011

    We have been numerous times to Italy for holidays over the past 15 years and had always dreamt of having our own place. I first met Dennis and Jessika Onstenk at the Dolce Vita exhibition in London and was impressed by their ‘selling’ i.e. there was no hard sell; there was no hard push for you to sign up for a quick visit to Calabria.

    Instead they talked about the variety of properties they had on their books and much more importantly they asked what did we want, what were we looking for and what was important to us having a property abroad.

    Dennis introduced us to the beautiful beaches and tranquil views in Capo Vaticano to local restaurants for a true authentic meal.

    Although we saw other properties by other companies in Calabria none met Selective Italy’s patience, time and interest in our views, anxiety and worries of buying abroad. And it is these traits that enabled us to find and buy a place. The process of buying abroad form bank accounts to notaries was made smooth and painless with the guidance and support of the team.

    However with Selective Italy it doesn’t stop there. There help with furnishings and general maintenance was hugely appreciated and extremely helpful. When we brought the children over for the summer there were one or two snags but a call through to Selective Italy’s office in Tropea and it was all taken care of.

    We feel we have made new friends rather than business transaction associates.

  • Mr. Valentino USA 2011

    If you are looking to buy a home or apartment in Italy I would sincerely recommend the Selective Italy Agency. We felt from the very beginning of our relationship with them, that we were in good hands. The agents there answered all our questions and took us to see properties that were in our range and taste.

    After we made our selection they made the process flow without any snags and answered all or questions.

    Now that we are occupying our home they continue to be there for us, helping with furnishings and getting settled. They told us from the beginning that they did not abandon their clients after the sale and I have found that to be true. I still ask questions and they always respond.

    Thank you Selective Italy!
    Mr. Valentino bought in 2010 at Giardino degli Ulivi Apartments in Capo Vaticano

  • Mr. D. Fiore USA 2011

    Purchasing a property in a country in which one does not reside can be challenging and somewhat intimidating. For a few years now I have been in the market for a home in Italy.

    I have interfaced with multiple agencies and Selective Italy has proved to be the most professional and trustworthy. I have recently closed on my property in Calabria and my experience has been positive based on the support provided by Dennis and the staff at Selective Italy. I would highly recommend Selective Italy for future real estate purchases.

    Selective Italy maintains a relationship with their clients even after the purchase of the property to ensure a smooth transition.
    Mr. D. Fiore bought in 2011 at Giardino degli Ulivi Apartments in Capo Vaticano

  • Mr. Ivanov (2010) Russia 2010

    I would like to provide feedback about our collaboration with the team of Selective Italy, which since the first acquaintance made a favorable impression for their friendliness, willingness to cooperate, and most importantly - honesty in presenting information.

    When we arrived in Italy in order to choose a property, we had to talk with representatives of three companies that subsequently occurred. As a result of communication, we have chosen the object proposed Selective Italy, because:

    Each viewed with Selective Italy object differs from the previous one of its zest and a feeling that all the proposals thought out, rather than a series of you look at all can choose what than the other sin

    At the sites visited did not arise (which again has been with other companies) from the sensation of a series of \""something wrong\"". For example" we visited with another company facility located right by the sea but despite the fact that all the houses in the settlement cost the same have been engaged for some reason the most distant from the sea and the first line is why it has remained unoccupied and is not trimmed. On-site sluggishly walked a couple of workers and although we were assured that everything will be finished within 1-2 myasyatsev believe in it with difficulty plus the quality of finishing materials and accessories leave something to be desired .. A similar situation is repeated several times.

    At all sites if they were not finished a very active job the expected completion dates for vskidku forward-looking statements quality of materials is not in doubt. And in general created a very favorable impression. Our choices strongly won on price. Other companies offer an object in the same village but worse than the class and for some reason more expensive.

    As a result despite the fact that only Selective Italy we talked on nonnative English from them we have the most accurate complete and adequate information on matters of interest to us. We still continue to communicate with Selective Italy a on emerging issues and they spend a decent aftermarket support facility and also helps out a lot of issues not directly related to the purchase of real estate which is important for us in a foreign country.

    To our friends if they want to acquire real estate in Calabria we do not hesitate to recommend Selective Italy.

    Mr. Ivanov



    Хотелось бы оставить отзыв о нашем сотрудничестве с командой компании Selective Italy, которая с первого знакомства произвела очень благоприятное впечатление своим дружелюбием, готовностью к сотрудничеству, и, что немаловажно – честностью в подаче информации.
    Когда мы прилетели в Италию с целью выбрать недвижимость, мы должны были пообщаться с представителями трех компании, что в последствии и произошло. По итогам общения, мы выбрали объект предложенный Selective Italy, потому что:
    Каждый рассматриваемый с Selective Italy объект отличался от предыдущего какой-то своей изюминкой и чувствовалось, что все предложения продуманны, а не из серии «вы посмотрите все, может чего выберете», чем грешили другие, и что утомляло и отнимало время, ведь наши пожелания были известны всем с самого начала.
    На посещаемых объектах не возникало (что опять же было с другими компаниями) ощущения из серии «что-то не так». Например, мы посещали с другой компанией объект, расположенный прямо у моря, но несмотря на то что все домики в поселке стоили одинаково, занятыми оказались почему-то самые дальние от моря, а первая линия почему то оставалась не занятой и не отделанной. По площадке вяло бродили пара рабочих и хотя нас уверяли, что все будет закончено в течение 1-2 мясяцев, верилось в это с трудом, Плюс качество отделочных материалов и фурнитуры оставляло желать лучшего.. Похожая ситуация повторялась несколько раз.
    На всех объектах Selective Italy, если они были не закончены, велась активная работа, сроки ожидаемого завершения на вскидку соответствовали заявленным, качество материалов не вызывало сомнений. И в целом создавалось очень благоприятное впечатление. Выбранный нами вариант сильно выигрывал по цене. Другая компания предлагала объект в том же поселке, но хуже классом и, почему-то дороже.
    В итоге, не смотря на то, что только с Selective Italy мы общались на неродном английском языке, от них мы получили наиболее достоверную, полную и адекватную информацию по интересующим нас вопросам . Мы до сих пор продолжаем общение с Selective Italy по возникающим вопросами, и они проводят достойное послепродажное сопровождение объекта, а так же очень нам помогают по вопросам, напрямую не связанным с покупкой недвижимости, что немаловажно в чужой для нас стране.
    Своим знакомым, если они захотят обзавестись недвижимостью в Калабрии, мы не задумываясь, порекомендуем Selective Italy.
  • Fam. Laggar South Africa 2010

    It will be a great pleasure for us to let your clients know of the excellent service we received from you personally, and also your estate agents, Antoni Everitt and Mark Smith.

    When Ronelle and I visited Calabria to view properties in order to purchase one as an investment we needed someone who could speak English well - our Italian language skills are hopeless! Luckily we received the services of Antoni and Mark of InCalabria who are English speaking. They knew what our budget was and took us to see the ideal property - Marasusa!! We decided to purchase the apartment and these two agents immediately took care of the paperwork advising us on such matters as a mortgage application how to open a bank account with Barclays Bank Italy who to appoint to handle legal matters and even who to contact to manage the rental of the apartment for us.

    Dennis Onstenk came to our aid when Barclays Bank needed certain information to finalise the mortgage application and also when the Notary needed to finalise the transfer of the property. Dennis Mark and Antoni have since become good friends and I will gladly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a property in Calabria.

  • Igor & Oxana Sapun (2010) Canada 2010

    It was my wife's dream to have her own piece of Italy. I resisted for a while, but when pressure has become unbearable I gave in and went to the local bank. Coincidently, all this conveniently happened when we were going on vacation to Calabria, so we decided to marry business and pleasure.

    During our endless browsing on Internet we came across Selective Italy. There was one important thing in their developments what immediately attracted us - you want to call it home. We instantly fell in love with Sogno Mediterraneo with its lovely tree and courtyard. In order to curb our enthusiasm though we contacted couple other property companies as well.

    During our first visit to Sogno Lea from Selective Italy did not spare her time showing us not just Sogno, but beautiful Capo Vaticano as well. We had a chance to see some properties with another company as well. When we returned on our own for a second view we passed very lively small villages with friendly people. This time we paid more attention to quality of construction and were pleasantly surprised by small, but lovely details such as lights in the courtyard and around the building, material of stairs to the second floor, etc.

    We have never been concerned about closing the deal, because we have read great reviews about Selective Italy and completely trusted them. Our second visit to Tropea was pleasant and fruitful. Selective Italy has arranged everything; moreover they helped us to open an account with an Italian bank (absolutely recommended).

    We met Luigi and the entire team. At the end we realized that we not just purchased a property, but made new friends.

    AirTransat seems to be capitalizing on the healthy calabrian vacation and property market as well – they added another direct flight from Toronto: this time to Regio di Calabria. 

  • Mr. Lisitano Netherlands 2010

    "Cercavamo un a seconda casa nel sud italia.

    Quando abbiamo contattato Selective Italy ci avete subito risposto con skype in videoconferenza inviandoci tutte le opzioni e proposte che facevano al caso nostro.

    Ci avete consigliato il giardino degli ulivi. Ci hanno atteso per la caparra tenendoci prenotato l'appartamento.

    Ci avete assistito dall'inizio alla fine con professionalita' e gentilezza. Anche nella sezione finanziaria.

    Veramente il sogno che si e'avverato. Grazie di tutto

    Non ho mai avuto un servizio cosi'ne in Italia ne in Europa.

    Grazie di Cuore"

  • John and Gilly Ward UK 2009

    We have just returned from our first wonderful holiday at Sogno and would like to thank all the staff at Selective Italy for producing such a high quality development and for guiding us through the purchasing process with care and attention.

    Nothing was too much trouble and the aftersales service was fantastic. We would highly recommend Selective Italy to anyone thinking of purchasing in this area.
    John and Gilly Ward bought in 2009 at Sogno Mediterraneo in Capo Vaticano

  • Newton Gardner UK 2009

    We are just writing to say a big thank you for the great buying experience we have had with you guys. We can't believe how smooth and quickly everything went, from when we made the decision to go ahead with the purchase of Sogno, to the signing at the Notary's office; all done in a mere 6 or 7 weeks (is this a record?). We very much enjoyed the pool opening party at Sogno. It has been great to meet the other owners, they all seem a really nice bunch of people. We also enjoyed meeting Nino and the builders. Francesco was very helpful to us, advising us and taking us to the builder's merchants to buy shower screens.

    After our problems last year, we are so happy that we went back this year and had another look at what you are doing. We are over the moon with our purchase, and are very pleased with the way how the conversion to two bedrooms has gone. We can't wait to stay in the apartment.

    Our heartfelt thanks to Luigi Giffone (the Architect) for having his vision of Sogno Mediterraneo, which is now real for us and has become our Mediterranean Dream."

  • Mr. and Mrs. Girtley UK 2009

    The morning of Friday the 9th January 2009 was like any other day in corporate life. Logging on to e-mails and following through on the schedule for the following week. The e-mail to tell me that I was at risk of redundancy arrived at around 11.00am and it became clear to me by the end of that day that the 'risk' was going to be a definite reality. Our lives had just changed forever..

    Major change often comes out of the blue and one can choose to be a victim and take the self pity route (which I did for a while) or the change can be seen as an opportunity to try something new. After countless hours searching the internet for yet another corporate job, the 'something new' popped into my head.

    The Sogno Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Dream) had been something that my husband, Pete, and I had been talking about for some time but we thought that the dream had been shattered that January morning. Thankfully we had the good fortune to find some great people to help guide us through the next few months and once the 'something new' idea started to flourish we made contact with Paul at CalabriaInvest and thanks to some sound advice and encouragement from Paul our new life in Calabria, Italy started to take shape.

    We decided to put our UK home on the market, sold it within 24 hours, to a cash buyer and completed the sale 5 weeks later. Ironically the people to whom we sold the property bought it as an investment and once they found out about our Italian adventure they offered to rent the property back to us until we were ready to move. All very spooky and both Pete & I got the feeling that there were some cosmic forces at work helping to guide us!

    So, in March of 2009 we travelled to Calabria, met up with Paul and he introduced us to a local Estate Agent who kindly showed us a few properties in the Pizzo area. They were both really helpful and Paul continued to provide sound advice. However, there was a real pull towards a place we had fallen in love with in 2008, Tropea, in particular, Capo Vaticano....

    We had made contact with INCALABRIA, specifically Dennis and Jessika Onstenk back in August 2008 and had started the process to re-mortgage our house in order to fund the purchase of a property in Ricadi. However, the financial situation in the UK at the time was pretty poor and we had to pull out and thought that particular dream had gone forever. We were extremely disappointed, especially as Dennis and Jessika came across as people one could really trust. Well, fast forward to March 2009. We took the opportunity to meet up with Dennis and Jessika and the dream started to become reality. It sounds a little like a cliche' but our first instinct of being able to trust the Onstenks' was the right one. The property that we had seen at their Sogno Mediterraneo complex was still available (yet more cosmic forces in play) and we immediately fell in love with it and on July 27th 2009 we became the proud owners of Apartment Number 1!

    Many people like to write 'bad news' stories and we realise that it is early days in our new life, and there are still likely to be some challenges ahead. We feel however, that we have found a reputable company we can trust, who believe in (and are passionate about) their projects, who keep to their word and deliver exactly what they promised. Thank you INCALABRIA.

    Let me finally say that though this 'story' may seem like a 'plant', it isn't and both Pete and I would both be delighted to discuss our 'adventure' with anyone who cares to hear about it. 
    Mr. & Mrs. Girtley bought in 2009 at Sogno Mediterraneo in Capo Vaticano

  • Mr. Morris UK 2009

    We were initially interested in buying a property on one of the Canary Islands but we were persuaded by another property company based in Calabria to arrange a visit in order to view certain developments there. The trip arranged by this company was a stark contrast to the excellent levels of service and support that we have since received from the Selective Italy team.

    The first company (it would be unfair to name them) didn?t have a clue what was happening in the area and our guide spoke hardly any Italian, we were also given false information on buying and availabilities. Despite this unpromising start we fell in love the unspoilt natural beauty of Calabria and enjoyed the company of the local people who were warm and friendly. So following our trip we contacted several other property agencies in the area. The fact that within a day we had been contacted by Dennis at Selective Italy and had agreed a price on a property is a measure of how proactive Selective Italy are. With Selective Italy you are get a Northern European attitude to business with unparalleled local knowledge, also the team are fluent in several languages ? most importantly English and Italian.

    Once we decided on a property, Selective Italy were there to advise on solicitors, money transfers, furniture etc. But their help didn't just stop there, they helped with all the things that you may overlook such as arranging water, telephone and electricity supplies.

    In our case Selective Italy have gone more than the extra mile when it comes to after sales service, there is never anything that is too much trouble and if they don't know the answer, which is extremely rare, they make the effort to find out for you. Their office is centrally located in Tropea and you can always pop in to ask for local advice from where to get your car repaired, places to buy things and the more obvious restaurant recommendations. We feel that it is important not only to speak Italian but to really know the area and Dennis knows the area inside outside ? then again he has lived here since he was a child.

    The best example that I can give of how far Selective Italy go out of their way to help is when we arrived in February this year, our car had a flat battery and a flat tyre all the local shops were closed and we had no food or drink in, this meant we had three very hungry tired children and no way of getting out to eat or getting out to get food in. Dennis rang on the off chance to see how we were and I explained our predicament. Within minutes Dennis had arrived with a food parcel (including a bottle of wine!!) and offered the loan of a car until we were sorted out. To us this sums up Selective Italy - this all happened on a wet miserable Sunday when most people would not help to this extent.

    At this stage we had already committed to buying a second property in Calabria through Selective Italy and this experience confirmed that we had made the right choice. In fact once we have completed on that property we will be looking to purchase a third, and without doubt this will be through Selective Italy.

    As a family we would like to thank the Selective Italy team Dennis, Jessika, Mark and Leah for all they have done to make our purchase in Calabria a pleasurable experience. Our experience has been so positive that we would be more than happy for Selective Italy to pass on our details if anyone wants to know more.

    Thank you Selective Italy

  • Mrs. Stinson UK 2008

    My husband and I want to thank Dennis and the InCalabria Team for their support and help on what has been a positive journey from start to finish. We are the proud owners of a two bedroom apartment at Il Casale Di Capo Vaticana. From my first visit to Calabria, back in November 2008, Dennis, Jessika and the Team have been most helpful and have made what potentially could be a very stressful experience one that was relatively straightforward. I particulary liked the products on offer and the attention to detail that is Luigi the architect. The Team have been consistently helpful and we are delighted with our property, which we took final ownership of during the last week in May (on schedule as per the preliminary contract). The quality and standard of build is first class and again the attention to detail evident.

    The completion was a positive experience too with Nino (project manager) and Francesco (site supervisor) and their team going the extra mile to ensure everything was as we felt it should be on completion day - Dennis even took us to the notary's office - reducing our stress levels.

    My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend InCalabria - they deliver a quality product. It doesn't stop with the purchase either - InCalabria Ltd offers an excellant holiday rental service for clients - check out the website (clear instructions and easy to use)
    Mrs. Stinson bought in 2008 at Casale di Capo Vaticano in Capo Vaticano

  • Mrs. Kainradl UK 2008


    Mrs. Kainradle from UK wrote: 

    We are so pleased with our new purchase at Santa Maria. We couldn't believe how quick and simple the whole transaction was. Dennis and Jessica were very efficient and took care of every last detail."

    The problem is that I could go on and on and it all sounds as if it's a "set up" because you actually don't expect things to go so smoothly and you do expect problems and to be ripped off. When I read those "quotes"I always assume they are made up. It's a revelation to me that they might be genuine.

    We had by far less problems in Italy than we had in London!Mrs. Kainradle bought in 2008 at Casa Santa Maria in Capo Vaticano

  • Mr. Few. UK 2008

    Absolutely loved Tropea and Capo and in particular the Sogno site.

    It made a nice change being shown developments by people who clearly have knowledge & enthusiasm for the projects they are selling. 

  • West, Mr. Ireland 2008

    Just back from completing on Il Casale thanks to the Incalabria team.I do not want to be a bore in terms of heaping more praise on this company but here goes :

    For the benefit of other people thinking of investing in Calabria :

    I have rarely come across a team of people in any business who are so devoted to the delivery of their product in line with what they promise. In fact they go well beyond what one would reasonably expect - especially in these times when unfortunately the opposite end of the spectrum seems to be the norm. You would think it was their own dream house they were building!

    The development itself is perfect in terms of spec and attention to detail. - They have an excellent team from Luigi (architect), Dennis (Sales and marketing), Mark (Sales) and Jessika doing all the behind the scenes work.

    This company will go far - from what horror stories I have read about elsewhere on the forum they are the safe bet to invest with in Calabria.

    Calabria is a great place to invest - but be sure you go with the right people. I was just lucky to have come across them a couple of years ago after pulling out of another development.

    To the Incalabria team - many thanks for making the process as stress free as it could be - Will call in to see you all when out on holiday with my family in July.

  • Fam. Mukherjee UK 2008

    We've been back in England 6 days now - after our first family holiday at our new home at Sogno Mediterraneo. It was absolutely wonderful. Our 4-year old was thrilled - and kept saying "I love our apartment". He especially enjoyed playing around the pool - and olive harvesting in the farm opposite. Our 5-month-old loved it too, just not quite old enough to say it in words yet.

    We are delighted with the choice we made. Can't wait to be back there. We yesterday booked our flights and will be there again 21 December for 10 days
    Fam. Mukherjee bought in 2008 at Sogno Mediterraneo in Capo Vaticano

  • Ms. Zito USA 2007


    The service provided by yourself and your colleagues in Calabria was great, very well organized, planned and an abundance of information when asked for - not to mention fast and efficient.

    Would love to deal with you again! Again thank you so much for your excellent service, very professional and a pleasure to deal with you

  • Mr. Vadkovski UK 2006

    I've bought an "off-plan" townhouse in Zambrone (near Tropea) last September. Now it's almost finished! Time goes so quick! Splendid sea view, fantastic location, very reasonable price.

    We were very lucky to buy it through the agent Selective Italy - their service was excellent, they even helped us to get furnishing pack for the house.
    Mr. Vatkovsky bought in 2006 at Priscopio Sea View Apartments in Zambrone

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