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Selective Italy Private Buying Service

At Selective Italy we understand that good, reliable service must be part of the package when buying a property abroad. Our experienced local team and large network of associated professionals can smoothly take care of most requests.

From our offices and our network of experienced professionals are always at hand to assist with any matter pertainting to your property purchase. Service is a core activity of our company. See what our clients say on the testimonials page.

Our team is at hand to assist with any aspect of the purchase process and the process of getting settled in your property in Italy.

Selective Italy Private Buying Service

If you are looking for something special in Italy, or have already found it, you can make use of our private buying service to hire us to support and advise you along the way and help you save money, time and hassle. Due to the way Italian real estate works, our service can be available to you at no extra cost at all. Contact our office for further information and a detailed explanation.

Services included:

  • Property search
  • Engagement of trusted professionals (surveyors, architects or lawyers) where required for a detailed assesment
  • Negotiation - as professionals we are well placed to obtain the best deal for you and save you money
  • Application for Italian Tax code
  • Contract review
  • Translation of contracts to English, Dutch, Swedish or Russian
  • Sworn translation of notary act
  • Power of attorney to sign on your behalf

We are able to provide this service in Northern Italy, Central Italy and Southern Italy.


Selective Regions of Italy

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