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Your overseas property could cost you up to 4% more if you exchange your currency with a bank!

Emigration - Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates From Halo FinancialBuying foreign exchange through a bank can be a costly mistake which is why Selective Italy are delighted to announce that we've  teamed up with foreign exchange specialists Halo Financial. Their FX Consultants will help you purchase your property on budget by ensuring that you don't lose money by transacting currency through your bank.

Their dedicated overseas property team help people who are buying a property in Eurozone achieve the best available exchange rates, effectively manage their currency risks (particularly important with new build properties when completion dates can be up to 18 months into the future) and ensure they buy their property at the lowest possible cost.

Halo Financials' currency dealers are qualified technical analysts holding industry acknowledged certifications and they regularly feature on industry leading TV news channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. They're a friendly and patient team of experts; they will cultivate a precise understanding of your personal circumstances and will suggest simple currency solutions that best meet your needs.

So whether you need to make an immediate currency transaction, fix an exchange rate for up to 2 years in advance or make regular currency transfers to or from the United Kingdom - such as pension, mortgage, salary or rental income - Halo Financial can help.

Halo Financial deliver:

  • Excellent commercial exchange rates
  • No commission
  • Fixed forward rates for up to 2 years
  • Protection against adverse currency fluctuations
  • A dedicated currency expert who will personally manage your currency needs

We recommend Halo Financial because they will:

  • Save you money
  • Simplify the process of buying foreign currency
  • Swiftly and efficiently transfer your international payments

At  Selective Italy we recommend you contact Halo Financial early – exchange rates can fluctuate greatly so it's never too early to investigate such an important service and have your currency concerns put to rest. A few minutes of your time today, could save you £'000's when you buy your property in Eurozone.

It's free and easy to open a trading facility with Halo Financial and there's no obligation to use their foreign exchange services. 

Halo Financial - request a live currency price

Mortage for an Italian home

Barclays, a UK bank, has been providing mortgages and current bank accounts in Italy since 2007 and have an informative English section on their website for those looking to buy a property in Italy. Click the Barclays logo to be taken there.

Independent mortgage advisors

There are also a number of specialists in Italy that speak English and have experience in organising mortgages for an international clientele. We'll be happy to put you in touch with the right specialist for your circumstances.


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